A need was found - every Halloween, I move the backyard fire pit to the front yard, get a large bowl of candy, grab a beach chair, crack a beer, and prep to be a part of the neighborhood action. The fire pit I used had adorable little animal cut-outs around it, but it would have been much better if the cut-outs were Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat, etc. Or, what about cut-outs for other times of the year - Independence Day, Camping, Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, Birthday, Anniversary, Sports, Politics, etc. The idea of being able to easily change ONE fire pit to match MY life moments was born.

So, I launched the website mid-2020, put obnoxious graphics all over my truck, setup on a dirt corner off a major road in Agoura Hills, and sold some pits over several months. On Jan 27, 2021, some guy pulls over, I tell him all about my product and brand, we have a great conversation about our country, and he began telling me about his own campfire plan for the country - the American Campfire Revival. Well, he turned out to be Kirk Cameron! He decided to use the MYFIRESIDE pit, people who follow him asked where he got it, and the next thing you know I had hundreds of a garage start-up, you can imagine how blown away I was. I am forever grateful to Kirk for pulling over and taking a leap of faith with me and my product. We have become friends and I am truly blessed to know such a Patriot. Below is a picture from that fateful day on the side of the road.

Isn't it about time to get back to the basics? MYFIRESIDE pits and panels create the perfect ambiance for family gatherings, friends, getting heated over different world views, or solitary moments. Finally, a fire pit with true visual freedom.

Let's all get around an AMERICAN MADE fire pit, preferably a MYFIRESIDE pit,


Semper Fi


My corner office that day...

JAN 27, 2021

Many days spent on this corner.