Los Angeles, California, USA.

Each pit comes with any 3 stock panels of your choice; of course, you can order more. After you add a pit to the cart, then add any 3 stock panels to the cart. Make sure to add the correct size panels for the pit you selected (LITTLE GUY or BIG GUY).

18" - height including legs

4.5" - above the ground

27.5" diameter including 2" flange/lip

23.5" diameter inner bowl

13" - depth of bowl

38 lbs - weight without decorative panels

47 lbs - weight with decorative panels

14" - height including legs

2.5" - above the ground

19.5" diameter including 1.5" flange/lip

16.5" diameter inner bowl

11" - depth of bowl

24 lbs - weight without decorative panels

29 lbs - weight with decorative panels

100% 304 (a.k.a. 18/8) stainless steel.

The legs need to be screwed on finger tight then tightened with a flat head screwdriver. Do not use a drill. Should take less than 5 minutes.

Stainless steel tempers (heat tints) as it is heated. So, the pit and panels will develop their own unique character depending on how hot various parts get. Colors will range from gold/brown to purple to blue to dark blue.

Yes, remember stainless is 'stain' and 'less'. Our pit is made of 12 gauge stainless steel so it is highly unlikely to rust through. Near the ocean, there is a higher chance of rust as salt water acts more aggressively towards stainless steel.

When there is no fire in it and the fire pit is cool.

Eventually, we will. There are universal solutions available for these items as well. For a cover, we recommend the following item from the Coverstore. Unfortunately, it is made in China but the quality is good.

Use cement pavers.

21.5" - 23" diameter

We do not recommend doing this as there is no guarantee that it can be reassembled after it has been used.

Of course, we are just getting going.

A metal dust pan works great to scoop out the ash. Or, simply dump the cool ash into a garden bed and mix with soil.

There is a drainage system that will allow water to drain.

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Currently, patent pending.


If you have any questions or need help with anything, then please do not hesitate to call me. If I don't pick up, then I will call you back ASAP. Thank you, Adam